James Blunt to release new music as Spotify asked to remove the Joe Rogan Podcast

Various personalities have spoken our against Spotify for continuing to publish the Joe Rogan Podcast. The Podcast is knows to be spreading false information of CIVID 19 and there are fears this may led to harm of others who follow its advice.

270 scientists and medical professionals urged Spotify to take action against the podcast and singed a letter accusing Joe Rogan of spreading falsehoods on the podcast.

Harry and Megan have spoke up in support for the podcast to be removed along with Singer-songwriters Joni Mitchel and Neil Young have asked for their music to be removed if the Podcast continues.

In a bizarre twist James Blunt has tweeted that he will produce more music if the Podcast remains.


There has been no confirmation if new music from James Blunt is to be released and is seen as a great humorous way to attract attention to the situation

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